Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When this Boy Meets World

With Lionsgate re-releasing the first three seasons of Boy Meets World on DVD and their announcement of season four on December 7th, 2010; I've been feeling nostalgic for this show. While most people are able to write it off as just a kid's show from the 90's, for the people who watched it those 7 seasons growing up, it holds an extremely special place in their hearts. It started off as "just a kid's show" for a few seasons; by season 3 it started to turn into a very funny kid's show with occasional touching moments and then it finally by season 7; it ended the only way it knew how to... in one giant touching moment.

Over seven years we watched these characters grow, go to college, get married, go through serious fights and arguments. I think the first time I ever had a truly emotional reaction to any TV show was watching the Series finale. While re-watching it I couldn't help but still get emotional but also think about this move coming up. My own personal fears and worries, my concerns. I'm so scared to be alone, to miss important moments in my friend's lives, to miss moments in my families lives. Some morning I wake up and think "I shouldn't do this, I should just stay here"... but I know if I do that, I'll never be happy.

I leave you with the final scene from Boy Meets World

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