Friday, September 3, 2010

The Bucket List of 2010

As of last night, I now have a place to live when I move to LA. I'm going to leave early January (2nd or 3rd) and will be moving into the house of one Brian Gilmore

Photographed Here

Now before I move into the Bog of Eternal Stench I have a few things I still want to do while here in PA just one last time. They are my bucket list!

1. Big Birthday Bash with Friends
2. Go to Medieval Times
3. Have Steak Night with Matt Voigt
4. Game Night with Den & Char
5. Risk Night with whoever wants to come
6. Get looking like a website
7. Start pre-recording Celluloid Freaks
8. Get "Movies & The Munchies" started
9. Release "Musicians Celebrate Jim Henson"
10. Finish "Fluffy the Zombie Slayer"
11. Get People from my D&D group to play Munchkin for a Night
12. Have an all night horror movie marathon on Halloween Night
13. Throw one last concert with all my favorite local bands and myself playing (ideal line: We Are, Punchy's Pilots, He's the Hero, Team Goldie, Nitty Gritty, Soletta, Roots in Stereo and ME!)
14. Have a huge New Years Eve Party
15. Have sex with every female I've ever met on the east coast

I'm confident in the completion of all but one of these, which is disappointing because I was really looking forward to steak night.

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  1. You're so silly!

    Where is "visit my bestest friend of all time Jackie DeSKAvo in MD"?!