Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Shameful Life I Lead

I have a dirty little secret that I've been holding on to. I feel like a terrible person about this but I need to release this. Back in March I agreed to a "Mixtape Trade" for geekscape.net. However despite getting all the songs put together and burning the albums and even making 2 awesome "booklets" to accompany the mixes, I never sent them. I'm even more upset because both of these forum members haven't really posted on the site much since and I can't help but feel like I'm to blame. What makes it worse is that there literally isn't a single good reason for it. Basically I forgot to mail them, then every time I woke up I'd think "I'll mail them on Friday on my day off" and then forget until Sunday. Eventually it got to the point where two months had passed and it'd just seem ridiculous to mail them at this rate, but regardless both mixes sit on the table next to my computer staring me down.

It's insane the things I'll do to not look stupid. I could have been in advanced placement english in 12th grade (which is impressive because I have terrible grammar and spelling). The first 2 semesters I had A's in 11th Grade Honor's English. But the 3rd Semester I received a D in the class over a paper I never handed in. Why didn't I hand it in? Well I forgot about the paper at first, then I realized that I had NO CLUE what to write about and somewhere in my mind it was better to not hand in a paper and be thought of as "lazy" then hand in a bad paper and be thought of as "stupid".

What to do with these mixes, they're pretty awesome mixes. My art work/booklet I'm extra proud of. I was thinking about mailing them in March 2011 and try to claim that I got confused with when we were supposed to send them, but again... that makes me look really dumb.

Better to be thought lazy then dumb

amendment to the bucket list
16. Mail both mixes

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