Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Mix

My Mix for the Month of September is now up to download at rapidshare and mediafire. It's a pretty damn good mix this month with some quality songs. It kicks off with Lanemeyer's opening track to their EP Stories of the Big Screen. Lanemeyer never received the love and praise that they deserved in 1999/2000 but their side projects "Day at the Fair" and "The Gaslight Anthem".

Track 3 contains the song I've Got the Love by Gene the Werewolf (Jon Belin of Punchline) which is an extremely catchy and fun 80's hair-metal sound. The song was shown to me by Jonathan London of Geekscape. Jonathan also played me the new Steel Train album which is where track #8 came from.

The biggest reason I think people should check out this mix is track #12 Clockwork Creep by 10cc. This 70's band has had such a huge influence on Indie rock that it's disappointing they don't get more attention. The bizarre blending of genres in this song is clearly comparable to Steel Train and fun.

Full Track List:
1. Me and You and the Big Screen - Lanemeyer
2. JAR - Green Day
3. I've Got the Love - Gene the Werewolf
4. Big Rock Candy Mountain - Harry McClintock
5. Young Forever - Jay-Z
6. Ain't That Love - Brenda Lee
7. Don't Dream it's Over - Crowded House
8. You Are Dangerous - Steel Train
9. It's Gonna Rain - Violent Femmes
10. Lonesome Kicker - Adam Sandler
11. A Man's Gotta Do - Dr. Horrible
12. CLockwork Creep - 10cc
13. Flaming Moes - The Simpsons
14. Forget and Not Slow Down - Relient K
15. Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
16. Identity Crisis - Pigeon John
17. Maddog 20/20 - Teenage Fanclub
18. What is this? Love? - Jason LeVasseur
19. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - The Casinos
20. Say Shhh - Atmosphere
21. I Am the Doctor - Socratic
22. Between Now and Then - Element 101
23. High School - Nerf Herder

In other news, if you check out my Bucket List you'll know I've had 15 things I wanted to do before I move to LA in 2011. I have officially crossed off #11, playing Munchkin with my D&D friends. Next Week I'll be crossing off #5, Risk Tournament.

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