Friday, August 27, 2010

Inside the Matt-ors Studio

So while I was in San Diego Comic Con, I acted in a short written by Jonathan London of Geekscape. I told you guys about it in my previous posts (see). I wanted to discuss my motivation in this role and to discuss the internet's reaction to this instant viral sensation. But first... please watch the video!

Alright well for this role I had to BECOME a man who was turned on by other men. I thought back to all of my opposite of heterosexual friends (be that bi or homo) to create my motivation. I had to truly want to still have sex with the metroid when that mask was back on. I spent multiple takes just standing at the table licking my lips. if you pay close attention to the closing credits you'll see I also did sound on this production. This involved me laying on the group at crotch level with the Metroid, to say this didn't help with my inspiration would be a lie. I saw the gloriousness that is Tim Jenning's greatest acting ascent that you all sadly only got to see in quick cuts.

Since this launched my phone has been ringing off the hook. People want to know more about this character, I've even heard talk about Jonathan writing me my own spin off when I move out there in January. I will say this, this is not the last you've seen of Matt Kelly. I'm already nominated for a Webbie Award as well as being praised by GLADD.

Okay Time to Get Real

I sincerely enjoy the video that I was in. I had a lot of fun being apart of it and hope to be in future episodes of NPCs. The only thing more fun than the making of that was reading the youtube comments. If you look multiple people are complaining that this video is "gay" and "sucks" because we have "The worst metroid costume they've ever seen!" first of all... NO

But Secondly, the whole point was to TRY to make the worst costume ever. That being said... the above picture says we failed.

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