Saturday, September 28, 2013

When this Boy Rediscovers World (Part 7 of 7)

I decided I wanted to rewatch all 7 seasons of Boy meets World. Due to the fact that Boy Meets World exists in a weird universe where the continuity is always thrown off I decided it'd be fun to log the characters and their traits throughout the series.


COREY: Corey and Topanga are married and adjusting to married life. Corey still remains a pretty self absorbed (and dull) character however in the final episode he finally does something above himself. It's a touching and powerful moment that wraps up the show (he also figures out the title of his series).

SHAWN: Shawn doesn't really do much changing. He's finally become that character we all knew he was destined to be. Smart, kind, intelligent and loving. Of all the characters he's the most interesting one to watch grow these series. 

TOPANGA: Topanga marries Corey, continues to be controlling but (much like Yale) is willing to throw away her dream internship for Corey. SHe would not leave Philadelphia if not for Corey choosing her over his own personal comfort.

MR. FEENEY: Feeney got married at the end of the last season and we never see the wife again (he does refer to her occasionally). His final goodbye at the end is something of beauty. It's at the bottom of this.

ERIC: Eric will always be the most compassionate person on the show. Feeney describes him as the most interesting student and in his final talk with Feeney he says "I know I'm going to be a good person who cares about people". It all comes down to one simple philosophy "Lose One Friend. Lose All Friends. Lose Yourself."

MORGAN: Morgan almost didn't exist at all this season. She wasn't missed.

MR. AND MRS. MATTHEWS: Mrs. Matthews are as tough as ever but still there's nothing but love behind their every move.

JACK: Jack's character is changed a bit. He brags a lot more about his money then ever before but in the end joins the peace corp with Rachel to show character growth.

ANGELA: Angela moves to Europe for a year with her dad. Besides that not much new happens with her character. We see that her fear of commitment stems from her mom that walked out on her and a Dad who was always traveling but that's nothing we're not already super used to with Shawn.

This is definitely the second best season (behind the masterpiece that is Season 4). It's heartfelt moments (specifically the final scene) really hit hard but the comedy also remains glorious. Some of the highlights include the multiple out-takes of Eric hiding in the couch, the plays with squirrels moment and this beautiful ending (Skip to 13:30)

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