Sunday, September 15, 2013

When This Boy Rediscovers World (Part 1 of 7)

I decided I wanted to rewatch all 7 seasons of Boy meets World. Due to the fact that Boy Meets World exists in a weird universe where the continuity is always thrown off I decided it'd be fun to log the characters and their traits throughout the series.


COREY: In Season 1 Corey is OBSESSED with Sports. Baseball/Basketball/etc, in fact it's all he talks about throughout... to the point it's frustrating to a loser like me who hates sports. None of the things that make me remember his character exist in this season. I'm curious to see if he randomly changes or if there will be a progression throughout. 

SHAWN: Shawn is about the same as he always is. The only difference is that he doesn't discover dating until the end of the season (as he'll become a womanizer for at least 2.5 seasons). I will say that while Shawn is a "troubled youth" in the later seasons (we're reminded this every 2 or 3 episodes when they do a 'very special episode') there's a large handful of episodes where he's a straight up bully. Specifically toward Mikkus.

TOPANGA: No character changed more than her. First of all, she didn't exist until 4 episodes in. Throughout she was mostly there for jokes about being a weird hippie who has lots of hair. She does kiss Corey in the first episode that she appears in but they don't date until the 2nd to last episode. This isn't like a Rachel/Ross will they-won't they thing. Literally they kiss. Nothing related to them dating for 15 episodes. They have a date. This bothers me specifically since I know in later seasons they claim to have been dating since they were 5 (there's even at least 1 flashback I believe). I'll see what happens in later seasons.

MR. FEENEY: Mr. Feeney is mostly the same except he's a little more angry in this season. That being say the most important aspect of Fenney remains. He's a caring and good teacher. He doesn't play favorites, example when Corey quits Hamlet and then asks to be back Feeney allows him to be an extra but not the lead despite the fact that Corey is the superior Hamlet. 

ERIC: Eric is kinda dumb here and there but not the idiot that he is in future seasons. In fact he's a smooth, cool and well loved high schooler who has a date every episode with a different hot girl (he even gets Keri Russell in an episode). I'm curious when this changes now.

MORGAN: Morgan disappears and reappears from season to season. Right now she just exists as the "cute little girl" in the house. She says random adult things that a 4 year old shouldn't say and the audience goes awww. I can't remember if she still exists in the next season.

MINKUS: Minkus is mocked by corey and bullied by Shawn. Hard to discuss any growth for him since I think this was his only season.

MR. AND MRS. MATTHEWS: These characters have and will always be the same. They may be the only characters with no growth or character redesigns in 7 years

JASON: Jason is Eric's best friend. We know this because it's the only friend he hangs out with all season (and even then it's only twice). I'm pretty confident that he becomes a much more prominent character until the college years.

Season 1 will always be the worst season of Boy Meets World, but it's not unwatchable as I recalled. The jokes definitely don't hold up and probably weren't too funny to begin with but there is still a nice charm to the storylines and characters. However the opening credit sequence is terrible. The Song sucks and it's far too long.

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