Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When This Boy Rediscovers World (Part 2 of 7)

I decided I wanted to rewatch all 7 seasons of Boy meets World. Due to the fact that Boy Meets World exists in a weird universe where the continuity is always thrown off I decided it'd be fun to log the characters and their traits throughout the series.


COREY: Season 2 Corey is much more like the character we remember. Gone is his obsession with Baseball and in it's place is his obsession with being cool and girls. However he hasn't completely embraced the geeky loveable loser that he becomes in the college years. 

SHAWN: This is still Shawn as you typically remember him. He has little hissy fits about being trailer trash which will continue for the rest of the series however he still hasn't hit that part of his character where he's secretly brilliant. I think that happens in 2 more seasons.

TOPANGA: This is the Topanga we know. The hippie character is gone. She's flirty with Corey but they're not a couple yet.

MR. FEENEY: Mr. Feeney is still angrier than I remember him being, however he does show more of his caring and concern towards Eric this season. I think next season is when he softens up a bit. 

ERIC: Eric still hasn't gone full idiot here. His coolness has slipped a bit and his friend Jason tends to guide him toward bad ideas but he's not dumb. He's a poor student but in general he's a smart guy.

MORGAN: Morgan is already disappearing in the show. By the end of the series she manages to make a single appearance every two or three episodes. I'm confident that by next year she'll disappear all together.

MINKUS: Gone (except for Season 4 cameo)

MR. AND MRS. MATTHEWS: As said last time. These characters never change. Nothing new. Just lots of sex as soon as their kids leave.

JASON: Jason is a more frequent character this season and schemes with Eric on how to get girls (usually unsuccessfully). He also has no shame in stealing Eric's exes almost immediately upon them breaking up. He's kind of a shitty friend.

MR. TURNER: We're introduced to this character in the first episode as the hip new teacher who rides a motorcycle. He's also the worst actor in the main cast. I think he dies next season or something I can't remember.

Season 2 is a huge step up from Season 1. The jokes are funnier, the stories are better and the characters are massively improved. It's still not the best season but it's got some great moments. There's also some great "before they were famous" appearances from Adam Scott, Danielle Harris, Eric Balfour and Mena Suvari. My favorite episode this season is Band on the Run where Corey and Shawn decide that pretending to be musicians would make them popular with the girls. 

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