Saturday, September 21, 2013

When This Boy Rediscovers World (Part 3 of 7)

I decided I wanted to rewatch all 7 seasons of Boy meets World. Due to the fact that Boy Meets World exists in a weird universe where the continuity is always thrown off I decided it'd be fun to log the characters and their traits throughout the series.


COREY: Season 3 Corey has almost completed his transformation from Hardcore Sports Fanatic to "most hilariously bland character  in television history". The moment when this transformation is complete is a when he says "Shawn, nothing exciting can possibly happen before I eat my grapenuts". The transformation will reach it's pinnacle in a few seasons when he owns a giant celery poster. 

SHAWN: Shawn is definitely officially the character we remember and love. There's still tons of angst but he's a good kid, he respects teachers (mostly do to living with Mr. Turner) and is starting to get his life together. This is the season where Feeney teaches Shawn the important lesson about friends being family. 

TOPANGA: I forgot that Topanga and Corey spend half the season broken up. That lead to her not being present in every episode. But this is 100% the Topanga that we will see for the rest of the series.

MR. FEENEY: Mr. Feeney has finally shown his true colors. He's a strict teacher and a good educator but there are students (specifically Shawn, Eric, Topanga and Corey) who he cares about deeply. 

ERIC: Eric hasn't gone completely retarded just yet so this season more than any other he seems the most uneven. Sometimes there's typical high school angst and other times it's complete and utter stupidity. In the future they make him a dumb character who has deep seeded intellect. That is the best use of this character.

MORGAN: Half this season Morgan doesn't exist. Then she pops back up about 5 years older than we remembered her being. She's a completely pointless character but she does have the best explanation for her absence (She was grounded for a really long time).

MR. AND MRS. MATTHEWS: Nothing new with them.

JASON: Gone.

MR. TURNER: Turner lived through the whole season. Maybe it's next season he has the motorcycle accident.

Season 3 is a slow burn but it's definitely where you see the writers getting more freedom. It just took until the 2nd half of the season to feel like the golden years of Boy Meets World. The seasons greatest moment is the last episode with Eric's "Feeney Puppet". The theme song is short and simple but still not very good. I'm pretty sure the theme song improves in the next season though.

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