Thursday, September 26, 2013

100 Movies That Makes Me Love Film: 19. The Frighteners

19. The Frighteners

The Frighteners was the film that started my long-term fandom of horror movies. I used to be afraid of the idea of watching them. However being a huge Michael J Fox fan I desperately wanted to see this movie. So I finally faced my fear and watched the Frighteners, it was a good starter horror film for me. First of all it was shot with the intention of being PG-13 but when the MPAA gave them an R they upped the gore just enough to satisfy horror films. Secondly it really has a strong comedic element to keep the creep level down enough for an 11 year old to appreciate.

Frighteners tells the story of Frank Bannister, a former architect turned ghost-hunter. After his wife was murdered in a car crash Frank develops the ability to see ghosts. He creates friendships with them and hires them to ‘haunt houses’ so that he can come in as an exorcist and rid the houses of them. However when the ghost of a serial killer finds a way to kill people Frank quickly becomes the number one subject.

The film has always remained one of my favorite films ever for it’s delightful blend of horror and comedy. It has a nice weird and macabre sense of humor in it as well. I would watch this movie everyday. I’d show it to all my friends. As I got older I’ve heard a lot of people pass it off as simply ‘okay’, but to me it is as good as horror/comedies get.

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