Thursday, September 19, 2013

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 20. Pretty in Pink

20. Pretty in Pink

I’m not too sure what took me so long to get around to seeing this movie, but it was definitely one of the last John Hughes teen flicks I saw. I honestly didn’t get around to watching it until I was legally allowed to drink. I don’t know why though, I was in High School when I fell in love with all the other classics, somehow I just kept skipping this one. Of course, it ended up being my favorite of Hughes’ and he didn’t even direct it.

Pretty in Pink is a film about class wars in a high school. The beautiful but poor Andie Welsh (played by Molly RIngwald of course) has fallen in love with the rich and popular Blaine. Blaine’s friends don’t think they should be seen together due to her being poor and making all her own clothes meanwhile the hyper new wave and geeky Duckie is in love with Andie. 

We have the classic love triangle with class undertones. There are plenty of classic moments in the film including my favorite sequence in which Duckie serenades Andie with Otis redding. The film is packed with cute teen flick moments and Molly Ringwald at her most beautiful. 

My favorite thing about this movie though is the debate that it creates, specifically with my most popular article. You see when the movie ends Andie picks Blaine... Duckie has always been there (admittedly to a sometimes creepy level) but he has a good heart and never lets her down, meanwhile Blaine fucks Andie over repeatedly in the movie but she forgives him anyway. This has never sat right with me. So let’s take this time to revisit my previous article because well... I love it. 

Here is my infamous blog entry It’s Suckie Being Duckie

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