Thursday, August 29, 2013

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 23. Ed Wood

23. Ed Wood

I remember the first time I watched Ed Wood was with my dad. We both thought it was the worst movie ever made. I don’t remember the circumstances of why I ever saw this movie for a second time but suddenly I was in love with it. 

The film is a beautiful depiction of a struggling director, not just any director though, Ed Wood the worst director ever. It’s up for debate how accurate the film actually is but regardless it makes me want to believe that Wood was always smiley and upbeat.

The film follows Ed Wood throughout the making of his 3 most infamous movies. We start with his sex-change drama Glen or Glenda. Shortly after this he attempts to make his friend Bela Legusi into a star again with Bride of the Monster. It concludes on Wood’s masterpiece of terrible Plan 9 From Outer Space (arguably the worst movie ever made).

Johnny Depp’s performance of the tortured director is one of his finest (and most understated) roles. Every line of dialogue shines with charm and love, simple lines like “no he’s very much alive” become hilarious by the sincerity of his smile and tone. Of all of the Depp/Burton collaborations (of which there are MANY) this is their best effort.

If only they made more of this and a little less Sweeney Todd.

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