Tuesday, August 20, 2013

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music: 24. Thursday - Full Collapse

24. Thursday: Full Collapse

When I first heard Thursday on MTV2 I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Something about the vocals really bothered me. So I immediately wrote the band off the first time I heard them. Then a year later I had a girlfriend.

Thursday started to get big when I was in 10th grade, in 11th grade I started dating a girl who was a college freshmen. Once a month I’d spend a weekend at her dorm in Drexel. It was on one of these visits that we were playing Mario Kart and listening to her iTunes. Understanding in a Car Crash came on and suddenly I didn’t hate it, in fact... I fucking loved it.

When I walked back to the train station to head back home I stopped by the small record shop and picked up Full Collapse and listened to it on the train ride home. Lead singer Geoff RIckley can only really described as ‘nasily and off-key’ yet the lyrics and music was so powerful that you looked past it. 

It’s almost mind blowing that a band with a vocalist who can hardly sing would become as popular as Thursday was for a brief moment. Now Obviously they weren’t at a Blink 182 level and not even at a Dashboard level of popularity but in the Fall of 2001 people knew who Thursday was when you mentioned the band.

The band became even more popular with their follow-up album War All The Time which I loved equally to Full Collapse (although I know lots of people who saw it as the beginning of the end of Thursday).

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