Thursday, August 15, 2013

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 25. Labyrinth

25. Labyrinth

When I was a kid I loved this movie. I would watch it constantly. I never owned it but my uncle did, so whenever I’d visit him I’d put it on. What’s ironic is I really didn’t remember much of the movie by the time I was in Junior High. 

I didn’t rewatch Labyrinth until I was a freshmen in college. My friend Nate came over with a copy of it and we watched it. It was an eye opening moment. I mean obviously the first thing you notice is David Bowie’s obscene crotch bulge, but what impressed me the most was how innovative the film was in both story and visually.

Labyrinth is a story about responsiblity and growing up. Our main character Sarah hates her little brother and is jealous of all the attention he gets from her parents. She wants to just go out and play, instead she has to stay in a babysit.

She wishes the Goblin king comes and takes her brother away. Then Sarah’s wish comes true, she has a few hours to save her brother or he will be turned into a goblin and gone forever, in order to save him she must work her way through tricky and deceitful Labyrinth. 

The puppetry is beyond impressive. Henson really went all out on this film and created a unique atmosphere (that Gene Siskel hated so fuck him). Sadly the film did poorly in the box office but before he died Henson said he recognized and appreciated that the film had found a fanbase.

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