Sunday, June 2, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: You Can't Handle the Bluth

So Arrested Development is back. Arguably one of the best TV shows of all time and undisputedly one of the best comedy shows of all time the show's life was cut short in 2006 when FOX choose to not reunion it for a 4th season. The shortened 3rd season however was full of tongue-in-cheek in jokes related to it's pending cancellation. Since it's last episode aired rumors have kept fans on their toes about the possibility for a new season or at least a movie.

After a 7 year wait, it's here.

The response has been quite split. Some fans were painfully disappointed and others praised it for it's brilliance. Both sides are technically right.

The season started off a little rough. While I wouldn't say they were "bad" something was off. It wasn't the same Arrested Development. I couldn't help but think of the most recent season of Community. Once again the show wasn't "bad" but it didn't feel the same. However a few of my friends who were further along promised me that "when you get to the Tobias episode it improves".

It was also that the Tobias Episode that I realized what I was watching. Mitchell Hurwitz wrote the same episode 15 times from each characters perspective. To use and overused word, it's genius.

What my biggest issue ended up being was the lack of closure. This was until someone told me Hurwitz said this season was "Act 1" to either another season or a movie. I certainly hope I get one of those things because I can't not know what happened to........


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