Sunday, June 16, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: Pop Goes the Music!

So two weeks ago I had to DJ two parties. I had to DJ a sweet sixteen party and a high school graduation. For a few years I've really crapped on how awful music is now, but I have a confession... there were a lot of songs I ended up enjoying finally hearing them and seeing them fill a dance floor.

Here's the thing, I'm not saying that these are incredible ground breaking songs. I just think that I've been really scrutinizing kids for listening to music not of the quality of what I grew up with. While today's modern music isn't better than the 90's music (because despite what people will have you to believe 90's radio was the best time of radio).

What I've noticed is that in the 90's we had these completely upbeat songs. The 5 most popular songs from 1999 are songs like Mambo #5, Baby One More Time and Blue

In the 2000's we suddenly had more music like Staind, Nickelback and Creed in the top 10. There was still pop songs that did well but angry and dark music really started to blow up on the radio. I genuinely believe that this drastic shift all occurred because of September 11th. You can seen the difference in music video imagery. Before that point almost all the music videos were bright colors and clean images.  Even bands like Limp Bizkit and KoRn's videos from the 90's have an overwhelming glow to them. From 2001 until roughly the end of MTV videos took a darker and minimalistic appearance.

Here's what I discovered I loved that weekend. Artists like Ke$ha (We R Who We R) and Owl City (Good Time) or even LMFAO (Party Rock Anthem) are not amazing musicians, songwriters or even singers ... but what they do provide is a very positive and optimistic style of song. I didn't want to like these songs, I fought against their charms with all my might but I can't deny their infectious upbeat vibes when I hear the songs!

I'm ashamed to admit liking these songs, but I'll never deny that I do enjoy them.

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