Sunday, June 9, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: ReSTARTed

So this is going to be a short one and has less to do with myself and more to be a rant about me calling bullshit on a band.

So with Describing the Moon being complete and moving into pre-production I've been doing some research on Kickstarter to see if this is a decent way to fund the movie or not. I discovered there is a page of the top funded projects. So I went to music in order to see where Five Iron Frenzy (my all time favorite band) fell as I knew they went well above their requested funds. That's when I saw this:

I don't care that Mindless Self Indulgence raised about 15k more than Five Iron Frenzy. What bothers me is the difference in percentage. MSI's $225,045 funding was only 150% over their goal ($150,000) while Five Iron's $207,980 is 693% over (only requesting $30,000).  

I can't wrap my head around that. How does it cost $30,000 for an 8 piece band that lives scattered across the US to record a full length (who haven't been active for 9 years mind you) but a band that's still together with just 4 bands (and mostly just recorded by 1 dude) cause Five Times that? 

The worst part is while Five Iron's page gives you a detailed explanation of what the money will be used for, the Mindless Self Indulgence page basically is just 2 minutes of people saying "I want my Mindless Self Indulgence album" and lead singer Jimmy Urine saying "Well then you gotta pay us to do it." And idiots threw money at them. I almost guarantee that $20,000 went to record the album and Jimmy Urine walked off with $130,000 in pocket.

Kickstarter Research Conclusion: People are idiots and there's no correct way to get people to give you money.

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