Sunday, June 30, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: Highlighting Moments

I started re-reading my copy of About a Boy by Nick Hornby. I haven't read it in a couple of years but as I read it I keep finding random passages in the book that I've highlighted. It's a strange thing to see what I found important to highlight many years ago.

What I don't understand why I bothered highlighting things. It's not likely I'd ever need to grab my copy of the book and read a passage to someone.

So I'm left to wonder what I highlighted these passages for (mostly a few quotes between Will and Marcus about love and friendship) and this is the best I can come up with.

I highlight to show my respect and jealousy to Mr. Hornby. As if my highlight somehow sends a message to his desk and says 'I agree with this statement' or 'I wish I had thought to write that'.

As a writer I find that more and more in my days I will hear a quote or see a moment that makes me angry that I didn't write it. This week I decided to revisit Dead Like Me. I did this for two reasons... one of them being that it's an amazing show that I haven't watched in a few years and the other reason being that I'm working on a new screenplay that's got similar themes so I was making sure I wasn't ripping off any jokes accidentally.

Instead I heard about 5 quotes that'd fit so beautifully in the new script and just felt rage that they won't be in my script.

What I'm trying to say is... check out Dead Like Me, it's quite good.

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