Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 25 Songs of Christmas Part 1 & 2

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. While Halloween is my favorite holiday, I absolutely adore Christmas. I love have spending time with my crazy ass family, watching christmas specials, fire-places, christmas carols, the xmas movies, Santa, The insomnia of not being able to sleep Christmas Eve, opening gifts, giving gifts and for the most part people just seem cheerier. And most of all I love the christmas music!

So I will be doing the 25 songs of CHristmas this month, each day for christmas I'll be posting some of my favorite christmas songs.

Let's get this kicked off because it's December 2nd so I'm already a day behind.

Day 1's Song is No Doubt's Cover of Oi to the World. I love this cover and I love the original but something about No Doubts ska-tastic version has always stuck with me. It's definitely one of the ultimate punk rock christmas songs.

Day 2's Song is a completely different beast; it's one of the most vulgar but hilarious christmas songs I can think of; Ben Fold's Bizarre Christmas Incident

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  1. if weird al's "the night santa went crazy" or "christmas at ground zero" is not mentioned, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME