Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Wit And Wisdom of Jeff Shropshire Episode 1: The Noid

So I recieved a text message from my best friend Jeff Shropshire the other day telling me to read the wikipedia page for The Noid. You remember The Noid right?

The part we were focusing was about Kenneth Lamar Noid
"On January 30, 1989, Kenneth Lamar Noid, a mentally ill customer who thought the ads were a personal attack on him, held two employees of an Atlanta, Georgia, Domino's restaurant hostage for over five hours. After forcing them to make him a pizza and making demands for $100,000, getaway transportation, and a copy of The Widow's Son, Noid surrendered to the police.[3] After the incident had ended, police Chief Reed Miller offered a memorable assessment to reporters: "He's paranoid."[4] Noid was charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, extortion, and possession of a firearm during a crime. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity."

We laughed about this particular situation, I specifically like that he forced them to make him a pizza. But Finally Jeff started to speak.. and when Jeff speaks you listen, because it's normally something brilliant... this time was on exception:

"The Noid makes me realize that the Josie and the Pussycats movie wasn't too far off. Kids are dumb and will buy anything if you market it correctly. Seriously, how did a generation allow not one, but TWO games based on an advertising character get released. That shit's ridiculous. However the biggest injustice is that the Noid conned us into allowing him to have two games while the Kool Aid Man only got one."

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