Thursday, November 25, 2010


So I intended to go on here and write a ridiculous satire about the first Thanksgiving full of date raping and murder of Indians during the meal; but I decided it's time for a sentimental post/rant.

Am I about to post my list of things I'm thankful for? What's the point? I've realized that while I'll celebrate Thanksgiving for the awesome food, I refuse to say what I'm thankful for; specificially in print on a blog, twitter account or facebook. It's all the same stuff every year, friends, family, job, money, future.

Yes, while things like Geekscape or having any job, family and friend is something that I can, could, would, should be thankful, why set a day apart from the rest for giving thanks? I'm thankful for all my friends and family; but I think we should be letting these people know how thankful with them EVERY DAY!

So fuck being thankful; just eat the shit out of some Turkey

I close with my favorite movie moment from my favorite Thanksgiving movie

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