Friday, December 17, 2010

Jaws the Revenge: Greatest Christmas Movie Ever? (25 Songs of Christmas Part 17)

So Jaws the Revenge has long been considered one of the worst movies of all time; for starters it has one of the most action packed box covers of all time.

Beyond that it has the 2nd* shittiest looking shark in film history

That shark does it all, it roars, it eats fucking planes, and it explodes unexplainably. Jaws the Revenge is remembered for a lot of things; but few remember that the whole movie takes place around christmas time; It's actually quite genius; I mean... sure christmas time for most of us means no more fear of sharks; Specifically up north we're not thinking about swimming at all for quite some while... Jaws the Revenge has a very select audience, people that leave in the south (specifically Jamaica) who have to deal with a fear of sharks all christmas long. Perhaps we only thing its a shit movie becuase we don't know the true fear of opening christmas gifts and then FEARING FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE!

Speaking of Christmas, Gatsby's American Dreams Nintendo-Core Christmas Metal Epic St. Nicholas is #17 on the 25 songs of Christmas

* = For the record the worst looking shark of all time is in 1980's The Last Shark (Great White)

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