Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Insane Debate About Clowns (The 25 songs of Christmas Part 21)

Today, I received the following email from my friend Matt Voigt; the other person emailed was none other than Judge John Hodgman; the email reads:

well Hello...

My name is Matt and I humbly submit this dispute for Judge John Hodgman to consider. I feel as if there is an obvious answer, and while this is not a dispute that causes consistent friction...it is something that legitimately makes me think differently of one of my friends due to his musical preferences....

The Insane Clown Posse. By all accounts my friend (also named Matt) is a level headed, creative, and artistic individual. I go to him for music suggestions frequently and he has a finely attuned musical palate. He's a writer, musician and film-maker, not to mention one of my best friends. I usually default to him on educated opinions when it comes to entertainment. Except for this. Matt STRONGLY believes that the Insane Clown Posse are in on the joke and are awful on purpose. He thinks this is brilliant. He compares them to Andy Kaufman anti-humor. This is obviously not the case and it bothers me that an otherwise intelligent individual could think this way.

Now i'm usually tolerant of people who are wrong....but when we go on extended road trips (which happens semi-frequently) this argument begins anew and is worth at least 5 minutes of me screaming.

This is a dispute that must be settled for the legacy of ironic-semi-full-of-themselves comedians and our friendship.

Respectfully yours...


now hopefully we'll get on the show and you'll get to actually hear my debate; but my opinion is that no one can honestly be serious when they write lyrics like "I met Milinko he gave me three wishes/That night i fucked three fat bitches" or "I'll cut your finger off and shove it up your butt... then glue it shut".

Anyway, fingers crossed that I'll have a chance to prepare songs and such in my defense (and that I win the case)

That being said (and on a completely unrelated note) song #21 on the 25 songs of Christmas is No Use For a Name's cover the Pogues christmas classic "Fairytale of New York"; enjoy the song and this video which contains a cute picture of a dog (among other things)

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