Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where have I been?

It's been a while since I've updated, my apologizes. There's a few things I wish to cover so this will be a pretty long blog.


A few months ago I posted a bucket list of 15 things I wanted to do before I left for LA in January. Well among other things, the trip has been pushed back to July. This is what I've accomplished so far:

1. Big Birthday Bash with Friends
My birthday was a few weeks ago. Friends came over, we watched movies and ate food and just hung out in general, it was a good time.

5. Risk Night with whoever wants to come
I wrote about Risk night, it was a good time despite a small amount of people attending

6. Get looking like a website
While the site is still in the works, we currently have our logo and our "under construction" sign, take a peek for yourself!

7. Start pre-recording Celluloid Freaks
We plan to release the first episode of Celluloid Freaks Thanksgiving weekend. Chris has pre-recorded 5 episodes already and I'm sure he's going to continue the show going for months and years to come. I'm extremely happy to have him as part of the Power Down Productions family.

11. Get People from my D&D group to play Munchkin for a Night
Like Risk Night this was a small attendance but non the less was a good time. Sadly D&D is no more (for now) I'll discuss that more in a bit

12. Have an all night horror movie marathon on Halloween Night
I decided to have this the night PRIOR to Halloween. It was a good time. if you follow me on twitter then you saw my #TrickOrTweet posts.


My D&D campaign has recently ended. Our Dungeon Master has given up on DMing. I understand his decision and am not the least bit angry at him, but i've decided to purchase a dungeon master guide and giving DMing a shot. I'll keep updated as this develops


As you know I haven't had any new videos or anything for quite a while. I'm working to get the power down productions site completely up and operational by January 1st. We will be producing 3 podcasts (2 weekly and one Monthly) Celluloid Freaks will be the first one, the 2nd one will be Movies and the Munchies (which I'll be a part of in the beginning but eventually phase myself out) and the 3rd will be a monthly show called the Saint Mort Show, I'll talk about this one more in my next blog entry but it will have a "variety/sketch" show type format much like the Pod F Thompkast but definitely not exactly like that particular podcast (which you should all check out).


There really hasn't been much that I've had published lately but here's a few of them:
Top 10 90's One-Hit Wonders Who Deserve More Credit
Movies You Might Not Know Are Coming: November

I am working on a Harry Potter article for hopefully next week or so though

That's all for tonight, time to take advantage of that extra hour for some extra masturbation (Joke Unintentionally Stolen from Brian Walton)

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