Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Return of the Saint Mort Show?

A few years ago I used to do my own podcast/call in radio show called the Saint Mort Show. We had a small but loyal fan-base and were much more vulgar than blogtalkradio was prepared for eventually having to make our show "Adults Only" which made it much harder for people to discover. Despite having up to 300 listens a week (which is admittedly nothing, but it was 298 more people than we expected) the show ended after just 11 episodes.

I'm proud to announce however is that in January when Power Down Productions is up and running I'll be bringing back the Saint Mort Show... sort of. It will have the regulars like Shrop and Graham and the same name but it won't be anything alike beyond that. If anything it'll be a little bit like the Pod F Thompkast, except more "variety-show"-ish.

Before the Saint Mort Show I used to do Below the Radar radio; the new Saint Mort Show will be a combination of both of those shows; Sketches, segments, interviews and musical guests. It'll be a monthly podcast, what I need/require are people who have things to promote/get interviewed and bands/musicians who would want to do an acoustic song/interview.

Hit me up and let me know who's interested and I can start scheduling recordings.

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