Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Battle Continues

A few days ago I told of my heroic battle against Satan in disguise as a corporate fat-cat. Well I've got some disturbing news to report. This morning I walked into my basement to find this note attached to my laptop written in blood. It simply read:

"The dialogue is completely bias, one sided and written to make author Matt Kelly look like a victim." ....yeah, sounds about right.

And yes, I can take a joke. In fact, the real irony is that the blog post was way funnier than the video. I'd run it on the channel.


Your Favorite Evil Corporate Douchebag

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (this last part wasn't written but I assume it IS satan and i tend to think he always laughs long, loud and hard after saying his name)

I immediately ran outside to check where I buried the body. Sure enough the hole was there and empty. I was foolish to think that I could defeat Satan. I would like to discuss part of his note.

the blog post was way funnier than the video

yes... the blog post was funny... because I am a funny fucker. The video however is not funny, because it wasn't suppose to be. This point is moot. But no more battling between SATAN for at long last... UNDERCOVER GEEK EPISODE 1 IS HERE! So please, watch comment and share with your friends. Episode 2 will be up next month!

Undercover Geek Episode 1: The CosPlayers from PowerDownProductions on Vimeo.

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