Friday, August 19, 2011

Saint Of the Union Address Season 2

Season 2 of The Saint Mort Show has begun it's production. Episode 1 is recorded and ready for release on September 3rd. As I did last season (quite unsuccessfully) I will post yet another wish list. There are a few return people on the list from last year.

1. Kate Micucci - Currently EP Phone Home is my favorite release of 2011. Furthermore her character on scrubs completely helped make the show interesting after a rocky 7th season. I've recently been shown Raising Hope where she is once again the most interesting element of the show (which says a lot because that show is interesting in more ways than one). I'd love to have Kate on to talk music, comedy and also growing up in the TriState

2. Phil Lord & Chris Miller - Phil and Chris created Clone High USA. Possibly the greatest cartoon series that was never given a fair chance. While I still think Daria is the greatest animated series of all time, Clone high is a close second. The show's blend of comedy and teen melodrama was brilliant yet still touching at times. Furthermore they followed up the show with the GREATLY under appreciated Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

3. Doug Benson - Doug Loves Movies is the best podcast of all time. It's hard to explain why that is since the show is just Doug and guests talking about movies, but regardless whenever an episode downloads on my RSS Feed I stop everything to listen. I've been late to work because of it. I'd love to talk movies with Benson and even play him one of his movie themed games, specifically since those games have since entered into my daily life with friends and family

4. A Wizard Rock Group - Specifically Whomping WIllows or Harry & the Potters. I've been a huge wizard rock fan and after having Hobbit hip-hop group Lord of the Rhymes and Nerdcore rapper Misfit on last season, it seems like Wizard Rock would be the logical step. Whomping Willows' Wizard Party Forever even made it on my top 10 albums of 2010 last year for Geekscape.

5. The Cast of D is for Dog - After moving to Los Angeles the first thing one of the first things I did was see the show D is for Dog. I adored it! Every cast members performance was of the up most brilliance. I've heard rumors that the show will be returning in October, if so I'd love to do an entire D is for Dog centric episode with the writer and director as well as the cast (in character)

6. Vampy Bit Me at San Diego Comic Con Vampy was signing autographs at the Geekscape booth. We had a brief conversation about CosPlay and how does one become a CosPlay celebrity. It was such an interesting conversation that I was annoyed that I didn't record it for the show. I'd love to dig a little deeper into the subject with Vampy on the show.

7. Brian Lynch - Last year I thought there was a good chance I was going to get Lynch on my podcast. Then if fell through. Brian Lynch wrote last year's Easter film Hop but to me he'll always be the author of Everybody's Dead, my all time favorite comic book and the reason why I love comics today.

8. The Numa Numa Guy - The original viral celebrity. I'd love to sit down and talk to him about the video, the success and his new website. I almost got Numa Numa Guy (real name Gary) last year but like Brian Lynch it sorta fell through. Hopefully I can get a second shot this season!

9. Punchline - Punchline is one of my favorite bands. Every album they've released has just be increasingly better than the previous one. Their song Keystoned is the best tribute to my home state out there (sorry Goldie and Bloodhound Gang). I'd love to get them in the studio to do an acoustic song and talk about their next record

10. Charles Band - As a kid I absolutely adored the films of Empire and Full Moon Pictures. I'd love to talk about the rise and fall of the company and their current return.

If any of these 10 people happen to read this blog, please contact me at

Also sneak peek for Season 2; Episode 1

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