Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saint of the Union Address

So it's nearing my first week of being a podcasting Superstar. I've got a bunch of great guests lined up, but I've got even bigger fish in my sights. I promise that I will create a better podcast every other week. I will make it stronger, tighter and funnier. For this year's Saint of the Union Address I'd like to publicly call out the people who I wish to have as guests on my show.

1) mc chris. - my love of mc chris was well documented this past year. I'd love to talk to him about the music industry and being an independent rapper/animator

2) Brad Neely - Brad Neely is creator behind the George Washington Rap as well as "Dear Readers, Wizard People" without a doubt the most brilliant 2 and a half hours you'd ever spend listening to.

3) Brian Lynch - Brian Lynch is the creator of Everybody's Dead the greatest comic of all time, he's also the writer of the Angel and Spike comics and this April his movie Hop will be coming out.

4) Jason Mewes - the star of the View Askew-iverse movies and co-host of Jay and Silent Bob Grow Old Podcast. Mewes has proven himself to be more than just a witty stoner character in the last 5 years. His upcoming movie Zombie Hamlet sounds amazing and I'd love to sit down and talk to him about it.

5) Gregg Bishop - Gregg is the creator if the insanely brilliant Dance of the Dead

6) The Whomping Willows - personally, my favorite wizard rock band. I'd love to talk to Whompy about his latest albums Demons at the Helm and Wizard Rock Forever about why the differ from other wizard rock groups

7) Doug Benson - Doug is a brilliantly unique comedian , but more importantly the host of Doug Loves Movies. I'd love to go head to head against him in a game of Leonard Maltin Game

8) Kate Micucci - Micucci is a cute and funny comedian/actress but it's her music that makes her incredible. If you don't believe me just listen to the incredibly catchy Mr. Moon

9) Chris Hardwick - The 2nd half of Hard & Phirm and host of the Nerdist podcast, Hardwick is without a doubt the most popular nerd in the world right now.

10) Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade - The creators of the amazing web-comic Penny Arcade, Jerry & Mike have turned a comic making past-time into an empire of conventions and video games.

If you have any connections to this people, please spread this news to them! If they're interested than they can contact me at

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