Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello There Ladies and Gentleman!

Greetings people who found me from slashfilm and/or imdb and reddit

Thank you for swinging by my blog in the last 48 hours. I figured i'd take a chance filling you in on some shit about me.

I'm born and raised from a suburb in Philadelphia. Last month I moved to Los Angeles. I write for a living. In the past I've written lists for ranker.com. I Currently write a series of columns for geekscape.net specifically That One Guy where I defend movies and albums that most people never gave a fair chance to as well as DVDs you don't know are coming (a collection of b-movies and old tv-shows coming to DVD)

I also run a podcast called The Saint Mort Show where I've interviewed Mink Stole (Pink Flamingos), George Hardy (Troll 2), The Lord of the Rhymes (Hobbit Hip-Hop Group) and Michael Swaim (Cracked.com) among others.

You can follow me on twitter or friend me on facebook.

I'm always looking for ideas for That One Guy or Blog entry themes so please if you have any ideas for me comment them on here and I will do my best to make them a reality.

Thanks guys!
Matt "Saint Mort" Kelly
Pure Mattitude

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