Thursday, August 4, 2011

Am I a LA-er yet?

So I've officially lived in LA for a month. I still haven't decided if I love this city or hate it. On one hand I made $300 this week just by sitting on my laptop and had a blog entry blow up. I also was able to buy 7 books, 3 CDs and DVD for under $50. On the other hand... this city is fucking intense.

Currently I'm listening to a non-stop sound frequency. I live across the street from the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center. We received a letter today because they have a big "event" this weekend. They warned us that they will be doing sound checks the next few days and not to be worried. What I think is that they're trying to contact whatever aliens they believe created their backwards ass religion.

When I go for walks I have to deal with crazy bums, plenty of homeless people looking for money and today a weird little old man who was wearing nothing except for some booty shorts.

Tuesday I'm preforming my first ever stand up show in LA and in the end of the month I'll be working the LA Exxotica. So we'll see how I'm feeling in September.

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