Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bucket List Part 2 (2011 Edition)

So back in September I posted my "Bucket List" before I moved to LA which I called the Bucket List 2010. At the time i expected to be in Los Angeles by now. However various things have forced me to push my move back until July. So I've decided to post a new Bucket List featuring some of the old Lists goals as well as some newer ones.

1. Have Steak Night with Matt Voigt
2. Game Night with Den & Char
3. A SECOND Risk Night with whoever wants to come
4. Get looking like a website
5. Release "Musicians Celebrate Jim Henson"
6. Finish "Fluffy the Zombie Slayer"
7. Have another Mountain House trip with my Friends
8. Visit Jackie DeSalvo in Baltimore
9. Throw one last concert with all my favorite local bands and myself playing (ideal line: We Are, Punchy's Pilots, Racing Kites Reunion, Team Goldie, Nitty Gritty, Roots in Stereo and ME!)
10. Have a 10th Kingdom Day (where friends and I will watch the 8 hour mini-series masterpiece 10th Kingdom)
11. Have a Poker Night
12. Go to THON
13. Have a Friday the 13th Marathon (on May 13th)
14. Write a new draft of "Describing the Moon" (my passion project script)
15. Have sex with every female I've ever met on the east coast

Okay now that list is done; check out a new geekscape article of mine where I discuss what DVDs came out in the month of January.

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