Sunday, May 12, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: Paint in my Ass Part 1

One of my personal heroes Joe Whiteford started something on his blog a few months ago in which he'd take old TMNT toys and repaint them.  I decided to buy some paints and go to the flea market and purchase some toys to do paint jobs on.

This first toy seems to be a weird Burger King toy. I have no clue what it is or what it was promoting but I did a simple paint job. I forgot to take a before picture so you'll have to believe me that the entire figure was just a brownish color

Here's his new look:

This was my first ever paint job that I did with no assistance beyond Joe Whiteford, and my friend Matt  and Ed giving me some tips on what type of paints to buy. There's elements of sloppiness in there but in general I'm happy with the final product.

Next I started working on this toy of Sauron 

Since I only have a few colors to choose from I went with a torquiest for the new skin tone. I didn't have enough Dark Green to completely cover the underwear so it's a blackish-green and some red for the eyes and tongue. It came out looking like this

I have a few more that I've purchased to do paint jobs on. One of which was NoZone from the Toxic Crusaders toyline. But look at how bad-ass this guy looks. I can't get myself to paint it.

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