Thursday, May 9, 2013

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film - 39. Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

39. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willie Wonka is the film that gave decades worth of kids nightmares. That is the kids who could make it through the slow first half. I love this movie, I mean I love it but GOD the first hour could be 30 minutes shorter and it’d change NOTHING about the plotline. We get introduced to the various characters, the villains and the lovable Charlie Bucket.

It’s got occasionally good moments but other points (like the song about Charlie) just drag the movie down. However everything that you might dislike about this movie disappears the second Gene Wilder appears on screen and begins performing his greatest and most iconic role.

Gene Wilder shines as the wacky eccentric. He’s wonderful with his bizarre dialogue and charm. I will never understand why Ronald Dahl didn’t like this adaptation of his book but if he were alive to see Tim Burton’s version he might appreciate it more.

Once we enter Wonka’s factory we endure some of the most horrifying things our childhood minds could imagine (boat ride anyone?) as well as some of the most uplifting and touching moments (Pure Imagination).

The film will always be beloved for it’s second act, even now that it’s 40 years old the movie still has a rabid cult following for it’s off beat comedic musical style.

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