Tuesday, May 7, 2013

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music - 39. The Suicide Machines: Destruction by Definition

39. The Suicide Machines: Destruction by Definition

So before MTV2 existed there was The Box. People who remember The Box definitely see it through rose tinted memories. Let’s be honest, yes there was a lot of cool stuff about the box. You could order music videos and more importantly they exposed you to some great bands you probably wouldn’t have ever heard of earlier (we’ll get to that soon) but you also had to sit through MMMBop, Wannabe and various R Kelly singles for hours. 

That was the issue of giving power to a bunch of kids. Most kids are idiots who want to hear the same song over and over again. Every once and a while someone out there would order something like MxPx or The Suicide Machines. I don’t know who the Suicide Machines fan was that ordered No Face and SOS on the box when I was a kid but I’m eternally thankful to them for it.

In the summertime I’d spend a week at my grandfather’s house every year with my cousin Dave. Dave is the person who got me into music when he gave me his old Green Day and Offspring albums. So as part of our tradition we’d go to the local record store by my grandfather and pick up some music. Thanks to recently hearing No Face I decided to pick up the bands debut Destruction by Definition. I’ve never regretted this purchase.

In 38 minutes this four piece punk/ska group from Detroit pile drive through 17 songs about racism, violence and skateboarding. I can’t even pick a favorite song because I literally have loved every song at one point or another. 

Have you never heard The Suicide Machines? Then you must pick up this album. Do it. Come on. Give in to peer pressure.

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