Sunday, March 10, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: Unemployed and Enjoyed

Last week's SOS (what a convenient and slightly accurate abbreviation) I mentioned that my current job let me go last week. I'm not going to dig into the details about it. I'll simply say that they decided my position was no longer needed and I was free to go. The only major issue I had was being "let go" on the 27th, being told to call HR the next morning and then finding out my benefits ended at the end of the month (aka on the 28th). Thanks guys.

All in all I was pretty okay with the way things played out. The Hospital I work at has been very accommodating and I've started walking dogs again. In roughly a month I should be making the same amount at my two part times as I did with my one full time (for less hours not to mention stuff that makes me feel at peace).

I can't reveal anything major right now but I am working on building my own company, being my own boss and thanks to the writers group I joined two months ago I find myself working on my screenplay more and more.

This is admittedly a pretty short Observational Sunday but almost everyone who read last week's blog was asking me about more info so I figured I'd put those 3 people's mind at ease.

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