Sunday, March 3, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: Losing the Dream (Part 2)

So last week I left on a cliffhanger. I was hired at my job at a video store (in the quickest and easiest hiring process known to man) and I left you knowing that I would end up fired. Since writing the first half of this Self Observational Sunday two parter I was “let go” from my current job. I’m pretty certain that the two are unrelated but that’s just a fun little fact. The future of Matt Kelly will probably pop up in next week’s article.

About a week into me working there my boss Dustin asked me if I’d like to be the Assistant Manager. He was putting in his two weeks and making the current Assistant Manager the manager. I accepted immediately. 

Working at the video store was everything I wanted it to be. It was like working in a club house. We’d watch movies all day, eat subway and chinese buffet (we’d worked out a deal of free rentals for free food) and things were going great. The owners never really came in so we had run of the place.

Than the owners started to come in more frequently. First once a week, then twice. Eventually they were coming in four or five times a week. They’d come in and look at our numbers, take inventories and not so subtly hint that we were closing.

We had all concluded that they were going to close the place for good that month and everyone was on edge for the day we’d show up to boarded up windows and a changed lock. 

It was close to closing on Friday night when one of the regulars (I can’t even remember his name) who was the old assistant manager from before I was hired came in. He walked around and asked if he could use the bathroom and then leave through the backdoor (he’d done this many times). I told that was fine. He went into the backroom. I heard the backdoor ding and about 15 minutes later I locked up the shop and called it a night.

That Sunday I got a phone call from the manager. The money from Friday was missing and shop was found completely unlocked Saturday morning. I was being accused of either stealing the money or purposely leaving the building unlocked for someone to come in and take the money. I couldn’t figure out what happened until someone told me that the previous assistant manager was fired when they caught him stealing money to buy drugs. While I had no evidence it seemed to make sense.

The owner’s never changed any of the passcodes and safe combo. They just took away his key to the store. I believe that he hid out in the bathroom, shut down the security system, unlocked the safe and left with the money. He wasn’t able to lock the doors again (hence them being unlocked the next morning). When I explained this to the owner’s they said “while that seems plausible they were still firing me for letting him into the store because I shouldn’t have trusted him” (keep in mind this is a person who they had also let use the bathroom and exit through the back multiple times). 

Joke was on them though. Netflix helped kill their store a few months later. 

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