Thursday, March 14, 2013

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 47. Brick

47. Brick

I don’t know why my friend Jeff and I decided to go to the Ritz theater to see Duck Season. It was a good movie and all but I honestly don’t remember what influenced our decision. Either way I’m glad we went because we saw a trailer for Brick. A month or so later a group of friends and I went and saw it and it blew our minds.

The movie is a film noir story told inside of a high school. Almost all the dialogue feels dated (but in a good cool way). Brendan is our hard-boiled detective trying to find out what happened to his ex-girlfriend who’s gone missing ever since she started with the schools various underground drug circles. Eventually he finds her dead body and decides he wants to put an end to the entire drug circle.

There are multiple twists and turns throughout the movie but the best element is the script. Rian Johnson covers every aspect of the 1920’s film noir genre perfectly but they’re all beautiful crafted into their high school setting seemlessly. This could have easily been played for laughs (and sometimes it does) but for the most part Brick takes it’s concept VERY seriously.

This is another short one folks, this is a fun movie to discuss with people who’ve seen it but since many people don’t know this film exists I’m going to have to just insist you check it out ASAP

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