Tuesday, February 12, 2013

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music: 51. Mae - The Everglow

51. Mae: The Everglow

I honestly never knew much of anything about Mae until I started trading CD mixes with my friend Lauren Hoot. She put Tisbury Lane on one mix and I couldn’t stop listening to it. It was one of two or three songs on the comp that completely dominated my college years. I bought the album it appeared on (Destination: B-Sides) which was alright by B-side standards but wasn’t exactly a masterpiece. 

That’s when someone told me how brilliant The Everglow was. I decided to take a risk and buy it based on just a recommendation and nothing else. Th album starts off with a little prologue presenting the album as if it were an audio book and immediately kicks into We’re So Far Away. This song is so painfully beautiful that it steals the whole show. This isn’t to say that the album is bad because it’s not (It’s #51 for crying out loud), however while the rest of the album is full of great sing-a-long indie rock/emo tracks I find myself thinking back to that beautiful piano melody and lyrics.

Have you ever heard a song that spoke so true to you that within a few hours of hearing it for the first time you committed the song to memory? That was We’re So Far Away for me. 

Perhaps I’ve talked up this particular track too much? In fact I’m sure I have. It feels impossible to transition into the rest of this album but I will try my best. 

Dave Elkins (lead singer/guitarist)  truly writes fantastic earworm hooks. It’s hard to avoid getting songs like Suspension and Mistakes We Knew We Were Making embedded into your brain. It really is a shame that the band’s discography has been so limited (only 3 full length albums in a ten year career). However the band managed to create a unique sound and develop a solid following from various bands well outside of their “christian label bandmates”.

Also Guitarist Zach Gehring was originally in Unsung Zeroes who’s band appeared on number 88 of the 100 Albums That Make Me Love Music.

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