Tuesday, March 27, 2012

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music: 88. Unsung Zeros: Moments From Mourning

Every Tuesday I Write About One of the 100 Albums That Made Me Love Music

In my Punchline write up last week I talked about how my friends misled me by saying Action was their only good album (despite their continual refusal to admit it). Let’s talk about a time I was not misled.
Circa 2005 I was running my own non-profit Chords for a Cure (now Chords for Cures). For about 2-3 years we had our own website where I’d occasionally interview different bands or local people in the music scene and I decided to interview my best friend Shrop for the site. He was the first person I ever knew who threw local shows back in the early 2000’s. One of my questions was ‘what are your top 5 favorite albums ever made?’
I can’t remember everything on his list but I definitely remember Lanemeyer: If there’s a Will There’s Still Nothing (great album, great band), Acceptance: Phantoms (embarrassed to say I Just heard this album last week) and Unsung Zeroes: Moments From Mourning. During the interview he played me the song Intermission and I thought it was just okay but he kept telling me about how it was one of his favorite songs ever written. I guess this band just isn’t for me I thought to myself, how wrong I was.

A few weeks later while we were in his car he put on the whole album. Halfway through the opening track Pictures I knew I had to own this album for myself. From the thumping bass drum during the chorus to the the unique falsetto vocals and the deep lyrics I just adored the song completely. Tracks like Turncoat, Broadcast and Postcards Home just continued the exceptionally well crafted pop rock.
Sadly this was the band’s last official release. In 2004 they posted 5 recordings for a planned future EP for free download and then quietly broke up (with guitarist Zach Gehring joining Mae). They were to remain a relatively unknown group (but with a nice loyal following). How Shrop discovered this band I actually don’t know (although they were on Eulogy so they weren’t exactly an unsigned band).
This is upsetting because songs like Pictures, Louder than Words and Intermission (I’ve learned to love this one too) all have beautiful melodies, catchy chorus’ and deep lyrics that should be heard by everyone.

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