Sunday, February 17, 2013

Self Examination Sunday - Love is the 'I Don't Care'

I will always admit that I'm a hopeless romantic; this has been a fact for quite a few years now. This Valentine's Day (or Skip 45 day as my friends and I celebrate) wasn't filled with depression and gut wrenching sorrow quite like ones in the past. However a few things have occurred that have made this one particularly memorable...

The first instance occurred at work. I work in a small little office and am currently (they just hired a few new people starting next month so who knows if this will change) the only single person in the office. Everyone but me and one other person are married and that other person is currently engaged. One of my co-workers was handing out BlowPops. When she got to me the only blow-pop was Sore Apple. I'm not ungrateful I mean it's better than no Blow-Pop but let's face it Sore Apple is the red-headed stepchild of the Bubble Gum Filled Popsicle family. The people who like Sore Apple are the weirdoes who also enjoy yellow starbursts best.

For weird ass movie night (a weekly event that happens every Thursday at my house) was spent eating pizza with friends and watching Better Off Dead. There's few 'rom-com/teen flicks' that are as bizarre in nature as well as dark humor making light of suicide and depression. It's a delightful film that could never be made in this day and age.

All in all I survived the "holiday" and had a great time throwing a concert for Chords for Cures. But it was last night that my singlehood got thrown n my face by my own mother. I was attending a valentine's day party (a yearly party my friends and I throw that's more about them getting drunk and having a good time than Valentine's Day). While I was at the party my dad was trying to call me; since I was amongst friends I let it go to voicemail. It was immediately after I ignored the call I got a text message from my sister that said "You. Are. Going. To. Kill. Mom". It was at this moment that I got a voicemail from my dad. I was fearful to listen to it. The voicemail stated 'Your mother has signed you up for an online dating site. Just a heads up".

And that's when the ChristianMingle emails started coming in.

Happy Skip 45 everyone.

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