Thursday, July 28, 2011

How I survived Comic Con 2011

Comic con is an event that takes place every July. The event begins Wednesday night and goes until Sunday Night. Being an exhibitor for Geekscape I arrive a day early. This is going to be a long entry no matter what i do, but I'll try to make it short.

Jonathan and I originally planned to leave for San Diego at 7am. However the Super Action Man T-shirts wouldn't be ready to be picked up until 10am so that slowed us down. We did finally arrive to San Diego at 2pm. When I arrived I was flabbergasted by what I saw. Geekscape's booth was located in the same aisle as fangoria magazine, full moon pictures, Troma Entertainment and Legendary Pictures. Jon and I grabbed lunch and then put the booth together. We immediately went to Zack Haddad's house where I went to sleep and Jonathan tweeted until almost 4:30 in the morning do to insomnia.

Jonathan and I hung around doing final touches to the booth waiting for it to be 6pm for Preview Night to begin. Beyond meeting some friends both new and old there is literally nothing to report about Preview Night. I handed out postcards then went to bed.

Our booth was rocking. The highlights of the day were meeting Ace Continuado (artist on Super Action Man), Sam Humphres (writer of Our Love is Real) and Dave Losso (creator of the Great Sandwich Detective). After the con was over I went to the Geekscape/Comikaze Party where Dave, Ace and I met Doug Jones. He is easily the coolest person ever. Everyone needs to meet Doug Jones and get a hug from him. It will change your life

I woke up discovering I had lost my voice from the party. I turned my only two interviews over to geekscape writer Shane O'Hare. He got to hang out with Aquabats (and then got to go to a free concert. I was a little jealous but he did offer me his second ticket and I declined). At the booth I got see Doug Jones again (and got yet another hug) as well as Axel Braun and the cast of Star Wars XXX and Spiderman XXX. Afterwards Jonathan, Alex and Robert of People vs George Lucas and the girls from Legendary pictures and I went out and had the most incredibly awkward night ever. Short version... our waitress got fired mid-meal because she was clearly drunk and possibly on some drugs. It was awkward at the time and hilarious the next morning! Also Lloyd Kaufman arrived to Comic Con

Today I got to meet some crazy people at the booth like Javier Grillo Marxuach (Writer of Lost and Middle Man), Brea Grant (Heroes Season 3) and UFC fighter Nate Quarry. I also got to hang out with the cast of First Edition. Sam Weller then dressed up like Mayhem while Jonathan dressed up like Super Action Man in what ended up being the funniest hour of comic con. Afterwards Jonathan, Dave Losso and I went to dinner and then checked out Lloyd Kaufman's panel. It was a fun night. Oh yeah and this happened!

The last day of Comic Con was greeted welcomely. I was tired from a busy week and was more than happy to go home. We taped our Geekscape episode (which I appear in briefly). Then I broke down the booth with Jonathan. After wards we went to Zack's to crash before returning the next morning.

So that was my comic-con trip. A little dull but I still can't wait till next year.

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