Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Final Weekend

Here I am sitting in my living room alone watching Incident at Loch Ness. This time tomorrow I'll be sitting in my new apartment 3,000 miles from everyone I've ever known. I'm sure to anyone who's read this blog the last month I've come off as many things whiny, a mama's boy, over the top... but I'd like to believe at the very least I came off sincere.

This was my final weekend here and who knows when I'll be back... perhaps i'll return in a decade perhaps I'll return in a year. I honestly don't know. This move however was never about moving away and never coming back. It was always about trying my best to fulfill my dreams of being a screenplay writer.

This weekend kicked off with my mom's surprise 50th birthday party. It also subsequently became a mini-farewell from my mom's side of the family. The following day was a farewell party from my dad's side of the family. Sunday my friends from Penn State had a farewell party and finally yesterday I had a fourth of july/goodbye party.

it was an incredible day. I was so shocked by the people who attended. Easily 30+ folks, some people I see every single day while others I hadn't seen in years. We swam, we listened to music, we grilled burgers and talked about the good old days. After the fireworks everyone left except Shrop and Tom my old boss. We sat and talked from 10pm until close to 2am

Have you ever had one of those amazingly deep conversations. The kind of conversations that can only occur at night fall. Conversations where every single idea and comment seems new and deep and important. But yet when the night is over you can't remember what made the night so amazing in the first place. We talked about baseball, real world, music, films, star wars, back to the future, comic books, DC reboots and thousands of other things. But deep down what we were really talking about was our lives... the things that we held dear... the things that made us the close friends we are. I'll always remember those conversations; even if I forget the exact dialogue.

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