Saturday, February 7, 2009

Halloween at My house

So unless you've been living under a rock (or possibly an over-turned car if you live on Broad Street) then you may not know that the Phillies won the World Series and thus won the ability to have a Parade on MY special day (no, not my birthday, not my wedding day, HALLOWEEN). Now this parade did lead to some sweet things (extra credit points for going to class on Friday!)

So every year I do a horror movie marathon, and with Halloween falling on a Friday there was no way I WASN'T going to do my marathon this year. This year I decided I'd do something a little different, instead of me setting up a schedule for the night I decided that as each person entered my apartment they'd get to pick the movie we'd be watching next (from a list of horror movies of course, I wasn't about to spend my Halloween watching Never been kissed). Now I declared that this marathon was to start at 3PM, this means that whether there are 10 people there or just me, I would start the first movie. In this case, it was the latter. So what did I, Mr. Halloween King, Priding myself on my DVD collection Matt Kelly Pick? Hocus Pocus.

What can I say; I have a love for movies with talking cats. As I watched this movie I couldn't help but realize that... it's not very good. Its entertaining and has that good old fashion "bad" 90's story and acting, but it's just a bad movie. This is far from a good start for this marathon.

My friend Sarah arrived and made her selection, which ended up being Hatchet. If you read dorktower as much as I do (what can I say, I'm egotistical), then you'll remember that last issue, Hatchet was among my list of 15 movies to watch this Halloween. This is because I legitimately believe it to be one of the top 5 best horror movies of the new millennium. As Always, it didn't disappoint.

Sarah left and my brother showed up with his best friends Dave and Ryan, they were full of energy (as well as alcohol) from the Phillies Parade. Their movie pick was Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, clearly my brother and his friends are also readers of dorktower, what can I say, I write a well loved column. This movie is completely unsettling and that's why i love it.

At 6:52 we finally put to rest the question that had been on my mind for months, do kids trick or treat in apartment complexes... So Spiderman and Batman took their Kit-Kat Bars and were on their way.

The next movie we popped in was Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer. I'd just purchased it at Best Buy for $5.99 based on various recommendations. It was worth all 599 pennies. If you're like me and love good, fun movies. This is the movie for you. It falls into the same vein as Bubba Ho-Tep, Slither and Evil Dead 2.

My good friend Brian was next to arrive and thus his turn to select. Go figure the guy who hangs himself from hooks (or suspensions according to wikipedia) picked the Clive Barker S&M inspired gore-fest Hellraiser. Not much to say abut this movie except that it's still amazing by today's standards

To end the night my roommate picked the James Woods 80's classic Videodrome. David Cronenberg, much like David Lynch, expose a whole new level of twisted perspectives on society and Videodrome is a perfect example of this negative outlook on life.

So another Halloween comes to a succesful end and I'm already planning future parties and costumes. As should you.

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