Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 3: Feast

For the last few years I always do a 31 days of Halloween month. The past few years I re-read all the original Goosebumps books and before that I'd watch 31 horror movies. However I realized every single time I watched 31 Horror movies I exclusively picked ones I enjoyed. I decided to do something slightly different. I composed a list of every horror movie I owned and put them in alphabetical order. Then using a random number generator I generated 31 numbers and watched the movies that corresponded with those numbers. Some are great films and others… well… are less than fun let's say. I hope you enjoy!

Day 3: Feast (Movie #156)

I had never heard of Feast until I worked at a mom and pop's video store. The Manager was a big fan of Project Greenlight (which I had never seen) and wanted to order the film out of curiosity. I remember he hated it but the cover captivated me and I decided to rent it one night after work. I loved every insane, gory and bizarre moment of it.

This is gonna be a hard one to write up. While I make allusions to moments in my reviews I try to avoid spoiling anything so this one might be a little bit shorter than ones of the past. The film definitely is most effective (in my opinion) when you go in basically blind.

I will say that beyond the bizarre, offensive and gory effects the film has the greatest first 10 minutes of basically any film I've ever seen. Each character is introduced with an entertaining and hilarious title card telling us their name, occupation, life expectancy and a fun fact. I won't ruin any of these but I will say that damn near all of them made me laugh out loud even all these years later.

All in all this a film for Horror fans from a Horror fan. But I recommend avoiding the sequels at all costs.

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