Tuesday, January 7, 2014

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music - 13. Kate Micucci: E.P. Phone Home

13. Kate Micucci: E.P. Phone Home

From the second I saw Kate Micucci on youtube I immediately had a crush. She was quirky, cute and vulgar. About 3 weeks later I saw her on Scrubs (my all time favorite TV show) and it just sealed my affections for her. Regardless of that, I never picked up either of her solo albums until the summer of 2011. 

Her first EP Songs EP has some beautiful songs specifically Walking in Los Angeles. I enjoyed the album but it was her follow-up E.P. Phone Home that blew my mind. It was easily the best album of 2011 and one of the top 5 best releases of the last five years. 

The album is short even by EP Standards clocking in about 12 minutes. However each song is beautiful in every possible way. 

The shortest track Happy Song has become a standard at Saint Mort and Meg & Matt shows. I try to work the 45 second sing-a-long song into every set I play specifically for the extra catchy ‘chugga chugga choo choo” part.

Jack’s Song is an adorable song about her dog’s 6th birthday party, if you’re a dog lover (or any pet owner) you’ll appreciate this song. 

Kate’s beautiful reflections on her past shine in songs like Soup in the Woods but when she shines the most is on her opening and closing tracks. Taking Chances is one of the most motivational songs I’ve ever heard. In Kate’s sweet and simple way she reminds you that you have to take a chance once and a while.

However my favorite song on the album is I Have a Crush on My Teacher. This song should have been a huge single. it is without a doubt one of the catchiest toe tapping songs I’ve ever heard. Kudos to you Kate. Here’s the song for your enjoyment.

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