Tuesday, January 14, 2014

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music: 12. Sublime

12. Sublime

I honestly can’t remember how I heard Sublime. I’m fairly confident it was What I Got on the Box, and I remember loving the other singles that came out (Santeria, Wrong Way & Doin’ Time). I remember that this was the first album I owned with a parental advisory. And I remember at the time I absolutely loved it. This makes sense because in 1996/1997 I was a hardcore ska kid.

This doesn’t exactly sound like the opening to an article about to praise the CD as one of his 15 favorite records, but it is. Just give me a second to get there. 

The reason I’m confused about this album now as I write this is that while other ska albums I love (Five Iron, Reel Big Fish, Suicide Machines) don’t confuse me because they feel like the cliche ska albums I always loved as a kid. But Sublime’s self-titled album (and sadly their last real album before becoming Sublime With Rome) is so artistically fantastic and better than any of ska albums out there (ironically there is at least one more ska album still to appear on this list).

This bizarre masterpiece blends Ska, Hardcore Punk, Funk and Jam into 17 incredible tracks. It’s been said that this whole album is now a classic and that arguably every track can be heard on mainstream radio since damn near every kid in the 90’s owned this record. 

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