Thursday, November 14, 2013

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 17. Swingers

17. Swingers

I don’t know what I thought this movie was about but I’ve always known of the poster and the title. However it wasn’t until my freshmen year of college that I finally watched it. I still don’t know why I wanted it in the first place, but I’m glad i did.

The story is follows Mickey a down and out actor who just broke up with his girlfriend of six years. His various friends try their best to pull him out of his funk by taking him to vegas, going golfing and hitting up clubs. The film is mostly plotless; focusing more on Mickey and his friends than a general plot. However the film is drawn from Jon Favreau’s own experiences with his best friend Vince Vaughn. 

While it’s basically just a collection of random comedic moments from his life it manages to be relatable to most people. It helped with the mainstream swing revival, was the launchpad for it’s cast, writers and director and put phrases like “you’re money” into the every day conversation of many people (including myself).

Simple, funny and well done, Swingers is a film to watch again and again and again.

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