Sunday, April 14, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: What a Weak

So last week's SOS was a little short and bizarre. This one will also be short but more of a clarification. Last weekend was a pretty stressed out weekend if I've ever experienced one.

Within a span of roughly 48 hours I had a very stressful experience with a chords for cures show, dealt with a lot of friendship stress that I tried to patch up and then got dumped by the girl I had been dating for about a month.

My desire to talk about these things in more detail are pretty much done. I talked enough to friends in person and for the most part I'm over it.

I've realized that I need to have some type of peaceful hobby that I can do when I'm down in the dumps. I've started moving towards working on that. Depending on what I end up doing you may start seeing more pictures of things in the near future.

On a positive note... Yesterday I released a new Chords For Cures comp. Read about it on our page

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