Sunday, April 21, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: I got a fever

I have night anxiety. Whenever I try to fall asleep my mind goes into hyperdrive and sleep has been impossible since. That is, until I discovered that I could distract my mind and fall asleep. For the last few months I'd put on DVD commentary tracks and listen to them until I fell asleep. As I worked my way through my DVD collect I discovered that for some reason the Cabin Fever DVD has 5 commentary tracks.

While I hate Eli Roth as a person after listening to him talk about his debut film 5 different times (yes his ego is so impossibly high that he appears on all 5 commentary tracks) I've concluded that he's fucking hilarious. Cabin Fever remains one of the more original horror films of the last couple years, sadly Eli's follow-up Hostel (while being a massive success) has lacked the enjoyment of his debut.

After listening to all the commentary tracks I've concluded that I definitely need to write my horror movie sooner rather than later (which of course means ideally before I'm 40).

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