Thursday, November 29, 2012

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film - 58. Lost Boys

58. Lost Boys

I think I’ve pretty much established that I love horror movies in this blog. But I didn’t always love them. For years I was terrified to watch any of them. This was weird for a kid who’s favorite movie as a kid was stuff like Monster Squad and Beetlejuice. Regardless for the most part I avoided horror movies like the plague until about 6th grade. However despite all that I’ve always enjoyed Lost Boys. 

It was probably one of first ‘real’ horror movies I ever watched. I put horror in quotes because my roommate Jeff seems to think this is more of an action/comedy than a legit horror movie. To that I say... blood explodes out of sinks, heads explode, vampires sink their teeth into people’s skulls... it’s a horror movie.

When brother Michael and Sam move to their grandparents house with recently divorced mother Lucy they’re forced to try to get used to their new home. Luckily Santa Carla is a coastal location so their’s plenty of beach parties where things like this happen

Michael defends a group of biker rebels mostly based on his desire to bang the free-spirited Star. Sam meets a group of militant comic store kids Edward and Alan Frog who warn Sam to keep an eye out for vampires. The two even claim to be expert vampire slayers. Sam laughs off their claims, until Michael becomes a vampire when being inducted into the biker gang (who all happen to be vampires). Sam must find the head vampire and kill him or deal with the fact that his brother is one of the undead.

Lost Boys is a fine example of how to mix horror and comedy effectively. The film has some extremely dated 80’s moments that may turn off some viewers but for me I find that to be part of the film’s charm. 

Jamison Newlander plays Alan Frog. Sadly he had a very short lived career (based on his own decision not death or anything) as he has the best delivery of anyone in the movie. That being said this is the film that started the Corey’s friendship and the two of them certainly take joy in overacting in any scene that they get a chance to. 

If you’ve seen Lost Boys than chances are you already love it. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s hard to say if the movie holds up without the glasses of nostalgia. Regardless it’s the best film Joel Schumacher ever made.

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